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Tax Allowance

Supporting Research and Development

Supporting research and development is crucial both for companies to stay competitive and for the future development of the economy.

Among other incentives, private R&D expenses can be subsidized by an indirect tax allowance which allows you to deduct R&D expenses from your company’s tax base.

In general, identifying R&D expenses is no simple task, and actually applying the allowances reveals a number of questions, issues of interpretation and uncertainties about the legislative framework itself, whether it be from the perspective of the taxpayer or the Tax Office.

Legal Scope

R&D deductible items are defined by

  • § 34 and § 34a -34e Act No. 586/1992 Coll., the Income Taxes Act (“ITA”)
  • Directive of the Ministry of Finance MF-17, ref. MF-4869/2020/15-2


100/110 % of expenses spent on R&D can be claimed as an item deductible from the tax base in a single taxable period, and therefore in practice these expenses are deducted twice from the tax base.

Examples of R&D projects for individual industries

How can PwC help?

  • Reviewing your current R&D activities to determine their eligibility for the R&D tax allowance.

  • Sorting out projects which may qualify for the R&D tax allowance.
  • Providing advisory services on R&D deductions and other public support.
  • Preparing an internal policy for R&D.
  • Preparing the project documentation to apply for the R&D deduction.
  • Analyzing and recommending how to effectively set up internal systems for recording expenses related to R&D deductions, including training staff.

. .

  • Preparing status reports and final reports for individual projects.
  • Reviewing the calculation of the R&D allowance.
  • Preparing an expert opinion for the R&D allowance.
  • Contacting an expert in your industry to prepare an expert opinion for the technical aspects of your eligible R&D projects.
  • Preparing a request for a binding ruling of R&D expenses.

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